6 Tips on Finding the Perfect Georgia Wedding Venue

There’s no denying that weddings are not cheap. From the catering to the flowers, everything has been pre planned to look the way you have envisioned your wedding to be like. With all of that in mind you still have to make the decision on the three most important things when planning a wedding. The season, the place and time, and the most important component of all, the venue. But now that you know the season, and that you would love to get married in Georgia, all you have to do now is find the perfect wedding venue for you. Lucky for you, you have landed on the perfect site.

Here Are Six Tips on Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue in Georgia

     1. Choosing the Venue and the Date For Your Wedding

One of the first thing you will have to come to a conclusion with your fiancé is choosing the date of your wedding. Picking the date can help you narrow down the venue’s that are available at that time. You wouldn’t want to find the right venue but not have it available on the date that you are getting married. Most couples do in fact find the venue and pick the date around the time the venue is available. Always checking to see if the venue has the season and the time you would like to get married is a great first step in picking your wedding venue.

     2. What Theme Are You Going For?

The theme is also just as important when picking the venue. Whether you are looking to do country farmhouse, modern, fairy tale, mid-century, or vintage can really help you decide on the venue. Thankfully there are endless wedding venues in Georgia that range from rustic to modern. Giving couples the freedom to find a wedding venue that suits their needs. 


     3. Location

Location is a big part in finding your dream venue. Whether you want it outdoors, indoors, at a park, or in a hall is a big part in narrowing down the venues. Remember to always keep in mind how accessible is it and the transportation your guests may need. Making the venue easy to find and accessible by all forms of vehicles can save everyone the hassle of getting lost. Making sure the venue and reception are easy to find if they are not in the same location can save everyone the confusion and the hassle of getting lost.


     4. What’s Included With the Venue?

Depending on your venue they may be able to care of the little things such as decorations, table settings, and the cake which can be a good thing. Less things to worry about but if you’d rather pick your own decorations and caters, figuring out if the venue is flexible with those options is a great advantage to know whether the one you choose would be a perfect fit. A great thing to keep in mind is if the venue can also hold the reception. If that’s the case, then it would be a perfect venue to keep in mind considering the accommodation’s and travel for you and your guests.


     5. How Large Do You Need Your Venue?

The size of your venue is important. Finding the perfect venue to host 200 of your guests comfortably without squeezing in is a big factor to take in. Remember that there needs to be room to walk around, dance, talk, and take lots of photos. Having a venue too small would feel overcrowded and stuffy if your indoors. But keeping in mind not too have the venue too big is a problem as well. Weddings are supposed to feel cozy yet intimate, surrounded by family and friends. Having empty seats and unused space can feel poorly planned and a waste of money.


     6. Always Keep in Mind Your Budget

Weddings are expensive so keeping in mind your budget when shopping for a venue is the most important. Yes, the venue by the lake might be the most beautiful venue there is, but if it’s out of your budget, don’t even waste your time looking at it. Save your money on the other things you may need in your wedding budget.


There is a wedding venue out there for you and with these six tips you’ll be able to narrow down your choice to that special little venue that you will remember on the day you have dreamed of.



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