Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Venues in Georgia

What is Important to Consider?

Planning a wedding is all about decision making. Whether your deciding on the flowers, location, caters, cake, venues, music, and much more. But before deciding on all the little things, the first decision you may encounter is whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Georgia is a beautiful place to have a wedding in just about any season, so deciding on the venue, and whether you may want it indoors or outdoors may be a tough one. But finding the right venue, location, and season you want your wedding to be in can factor on whether it may be best to have it inside or outside. Here are some wedding venues that are in Georgia that may be the perfect for you and your fiancé.

Now you may be thinking which one is best for you. Whether you wanted a romantic quiet reception in a park, beach, lake, or in the middle of the forest. Or you may have wanted something more classical, traditional, like an indoor reception. Something more enclosed where the venue seems to be close quartered and more romantic. It may be a hard decision to choose but before rushing into choosing the location there are things to consider when choosing an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Here Are Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Wedding:

What Season Are You are Planning Your Wedding?

Storms, rain, and windy weather are perfect for the trees and the climate, but not so much on your wedding day. Georgia has many different seasons so if you are planning an outdoor wedding, the early summer and fall may be the best bet. It’s not hot, not too cold, and not as much rain. But always keeping a close eye on the weather is always a great idea.


Outdoor Venues are Harder to Reserve

With Georgia being one of the most beautiful states to get married all year round, the competition for booking your outdoor wedding is much harder. Depending on the season and the date you want to get married, it may be best to book your venue up to a year in advance. Giving the venue and you and your fiancé time to get everything ready for your special day.

Here Are Things to Consider When Choosing an Indoor Wedding:

Endless Designs

Having the option to do anything you have dreamed about for your wedding venue is a great option to have. Whether you are looking for a classical, country, mid-century, or boho wedding, having an indoor wedding can help you choose the unlimited décor that your budget has to offer.


Think About The Size Of Your Space

Although you can change your décor and the type of wedding you may want, one thing you can’t change is the space in the venue. Making sure to have the enough space you need for you and your guests to be able to have a bar, dancefloor, cater area, and for decorations. If you’re worried about the logistics, ask potential venues about the maximum capacity before booking.

Weigh all your options before choosing the wedding reception or venue. Being aware of the restrictions, your input on the décor, and the costs are things to consider before saying yes to the venue. Taking your time with searching for the right one takes time just like any other part in the wedding process. But having a clear eye for what you are looking for can help you and your fiancé decide with your ultimate decision.  

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